Liberal Women = Old Time Whores

Liberal Women = Old Pity Whores

Warning: Before you read this post, let me get this straight. I’m not a republican or a democrat or any political affiliation. If you’re offended by it, and you’re a woman that means you have to get your act straight.

The other day I was watching online on Hulu the “new” TV-drama from NBC called “Mercy.”  For the ones who don’t know what that series is based, it’s about a girl named Veronica, a blond haired woman who came from a war in Iraq and trying to fit in the civilian area by working as a nurse where she’s mistreated by the Doctor but supported by her colleagues. In the first episode, she gets a visit from a new Doctor who is a former soldier she slept with in the war. Her world come crashing down as soon as her husband finds out in later episodes.

The story is nothing but inspiring. A veteran who supposedly fought to get “freedom” in this country categorized as a slut? During watching the show I debated with my husband about the whole issue. My husband called the character Veronica a whore, from the simple fact that she opened her legs to the most sightliest opportunity overseas while her not so perfect husband was working to build his house. He also stated that media teach society that if you’re a woman, you can do anything in the wrong sense of the word, that we’re imitating men. During our debate I reached deeper into the subject. Women before that “feminism movement”, they were devoted to three subjects:

  1. Taking care of the husband
  2. Taking care of the children
  3. Taking care of the house

It was rare that a woman could cheat or get a job to be independent. When the feminism agenda came in the 70’s and early 80’s, well my friends and enemies, everything went downhill since then. Women wanted “rights” to become in sync with men, but at what price? We’re becoming so “independent” that we’re leaving the children, the male figure and the house with a white picked fence. We’re becoming single mothers with the thought that being with the father of the kid is not the answer teaching their kid 50% of values and morals without the male role. Married women are “unhappy” so they go desperate to get a quickie with their neighbor and single “independent” career gals are “depressed” because they can’t find Mr. Right after having one night stand adventures.

But Hold the Mayo! I’m not finished! Don’t these so-called liberated females are compared to old time whores? Consider it! This is not an insult, this is just a thought. During the end of the 19th Century in the Silver Valley (in Northwest Idaho) there were stories of so-called “independent” gals who were doing the same things as today. What these gals were called? A Prostitute! Many of these women were unhappy stuck in a profession that only 3% got married with rich folks (during the Wild West) while 97% of these were victims of illnesses and violence. And you think that women today had overcome this? We’re still on the same boat of dependency. There’s no way a woman can exist without the help of a man. Not now and not ever. We have a place and it’s called Housewife.


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