Personal Quote: Desperate Measures, Desperate Means

This country is fucked up. Forget about “it’s falling apart.” Right now is in shambles, is in ruins and are masquerade it by buildings and delusions of grandeur of “how great our country is” despite the recession. The fact is people are losing, families, children and seniors are left behind by a government that listens to the voice of the mega-rich, millionaires and lobbyist for their own benefit of saving their skin.

This week a man did the unthinkable sacrifice, despite his wife losing battle with Cancer, he was out of options to help her get the care she needs with respect and dignity without worrying about how much a simple chemotherapy or other procedures cost. He decided to join the Army at age 39, where in the past the maximum age to be recruited is at 35, because to have health insurance for him and mostly for his wife. And still there’s no doctor in sight to not worry about money able to help them. In other case, a few years ago a man throws his ill wife (also from Cancer) four stories down because he simply couldn’t pay up her outstanding medical bills. Same illness, one call, two different outcomes and measures.

That’s what’s happens when people are laying off, losing their health coverage and the government instead of giving them a hand, they’re giving them the iggy button because even thought they pay taxes, they’re hardworking, they’re “independent”, when they need help from, the insurance companies are giving them the boot, and who could turn to the most? The government! And what does the government do? It doesn’t listen to you, it listen to the ultra rich society to do what’s best for them.

Right now, people. This health care debate is going nowhere. First, they’re playing the magic chair constantly at the cost of million of Americans not having a proper and dignified health care ending up filling for bankruptcy for ones and facing death for others. They don’t realize that! We’re gave them the opportunity to fix such a “complicated” and “hard” issue and they just play around with our minds for how long, how much. It’s plain and simple, capitalism took a toll on everyone every since the beginning of it. Our forefathers didn’t know about supply and demand, they knew about morals, ethics and common sense. But you know the rest of the story, some fuckin’ rich bastard screw it up for the sake of themselves and that’s how capitalism got born, sadly.

I have been writing for the sake of myself and the ones who are uninsured in this state of Idaho. “The Gem State” doesn’t have nothing shiny about when it comes to the uninsured. Specially in the Silver Valley, if you don’t have cash either, you go to the ER and get into court a few years later because you can’t pay your medical bills, or you have to be treated on a “Free Clinic” that opens twice a month. That’s how fucked up it is. “Any little, helps” is NOT enough for families and individuals who are struggling to find out what they’re having whether is a physical, mental or dental condition. You know what’s heartless? Leaving kids without a dad or a mom because they died because of being uninsured. Even sadder is the fact that people who have health insurance, don’t get the support back from their insurance companies and they’re mostly the same as they were when they’re uninsured. We’re both on the same ground, the same road thanks in part by these Greedy, Heartless Private Health Insurers who steal billions of dollars a year. Don’t forget about the doctors who sadly, are on the same greedy ideals, driving their porches, their BMD’s, spending thousands on designer’s clothing while denying care for thousands who truly need the care they need, because simply they can’t afford it.

How long do these politics would realize that? At least Ted Kennedy got the health care he needed it, without worrying about price tag, thinking that’s the way it supposed to be for all Americans. But his dreams of changing Health Care couldn’t finalized it, because of his passing. But thanks in part by Capitalism, we can’t get it either.


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