Readable Tidbits

Wonder Woman Movie Star is Chosen!

If you think Wonder Woman Movie is never going to happen. I found out it has been under wraps for so long that the producers finally chose the person who’s going to fill the main role of the sexy amazonian princess, and thank god isn’t Megan Fox, sad that is not Sandra Bullock (which was my first candidate of choice since the beginning of their project), but I feel content and glad that is Beyonce  (the site has been translated by Google).


And it would be the first African-American woman portraying it and it’s a positive outlook of what if. She’s very talented, very energetic, have experience in working in the silver screen and yes, she have the curves that makes Linda Carter feel jealous, plus she’s awesome in acts of kindness like saving the day when the evil Kayne West stole the mic to Taylor Swift and she’s gave the mic back to her on VMA’s and dedicating a song to a cancer patient in her tour concert. She really worked for it and she deserved it. Congratz and Kudos!

How it Feels to be in a Avalanche

This also I found by CNN but I found the whole clip on You Tube. A first person experience accounts what happened that day. The audio is crappy but at least the video speak for itself. Very scary.

David Letterman’s Acts of Sexual Harassment

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t have a “romance” or “fling” or even worst, “sexual encounters” in the workplace. David Letterman’s behavior was not acceptable or even tolerated in a company that rarely have to display “morals” and “values” in front of millions of Americans through their TV Screens. David Letterman in my opinion shouldn’t be working there he should be suspended. Because basically if these politicians got away with it with committing their adventurous, selfish acts why the hell we have to throw also the towel to this guy? He was literally, harassing women for a large amount of years behind his girlfriend of many years who later married (after 20 years of “courtship”?) and have a kid. It’s very nice to come out these incident to the light to see who really is that person. I honestly don’t feel sympathy for him, but neither of these women either. There could be two different stories and a middle man who caused it, all because of jealousy issues. The National Organization of Women wrote a letter stating how pig this guy Letterman was, but doesn’t suppose that women have that decision of stop that abuse by going to the respectful authorities instead of being dumb blondes and fuck with this geezer. Both parties are such as guilty as Robert “Joe” Halderman who bring this nasty issue in the spotlight. Have some fuckin’ decency!


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