House of Congress: Working Less so you have to

This world of politics shocks me, specially when I have to put the foot (involuntarily) in the bill for that those fat assholes in the Congress eat themselves silly, go to movies, have their own insurance that they can get away with it, drive in their luxurious gas guzzling SUV’s, and yes, cheat with their associates. Things that I didn’t know about how they “work” in Congress until now.

While you work from early in the morning to late in the evening, some even have two or three jobs to make ends meet almost for the whole week: these so-called leaders are showing to work from late in the evening on Tuesdays by 6:30pm and get the fuck out of the premises by Thursdays afternoon only to what? I just wanna know? Because if they’re making fuzz about how the fuck they’re going to put a decent, fair health care it doesn’t supposed to be that short timing to think. Hey! If they have the money to buy expensive suits and dresses, they can come up to effective ideas to bring serious issues to the table and solve it in short time flat using the Constitution as their base. All those years of drunken parties at Ivy, Harvard and Yale reality kicks in when it comes to the real world, where we elected them in faith that they will fix up our battered country of ours for then later, they forget it and start going to parties with lobbyists and rich assholes obeying what they have to say for their own fuckin’ sake.

I mean, you can’t complete your job in three days flat. You have to complete these issues more than 5 days a week. It requires a 24/7 operation. But then… millions of people are struggling, filing bankruptcy and losing homes and lives because of their inefficiency to provide with an answer to solve the health care crisis and other important issues. It’s a shame that other “third world” countries solve that ions ago while still these so-called politicians are playing the dancing chair.


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