Why Puerto Rico Should Be Independent?

In 2002, I went to file my first tax return in this country at HR Block, by appointment, located on the second floor at Sears in GR, MI. I was naïve at the time, “enjoying” the scent of freedom  in this country. As soon as I approached the counter a clerk greeted me and I greeted back and she was asking about where I was coming from because of my thick accent and I told her that I was from Puerto Rico. She was acting confused. “Puerto Rico is that a country?” she asked. “Nahh, Puerto Rico is part of the Commonwealth with United States. And we’re soon are going to be a state!” I replied like those words were part of a religion, a cult that never existed in my mind. Then as she was asking me about the documents and other information, then she stated this words with an anger and hate covered in a fake serious smile she said these words. “As far as I know Puerto Rico would never be a state. Take a seat, she would be attending you in a few minutes.”

I felt like I hit myself to a steel wall, not a concrete, but a solid, thick steel walls.  But I decided not to pay attention after all. I thought it was just a small percent of Americans that are very ignorant that doesn’t want this small country to be a part of a nation that was kind, with justice and fairness. But later I learned the truth.

After a few years later and after all these injustices that I have being through and all my experiences I endured I came to this conclusion. It’s very unfair that this small colony of ours should be putting more of the economical burden that has now United States to be statehood, that many Puerto Ricans who were born and raised there doesn’t understand, or don’t give a shit, or don’t care or worst are ignorant with all those scare tactics, false rumors and myths about being Independent.

First of all, many Americans doesn’t know what Puerto Rico is or even speak Spanish (which is our official language). They don’t teach this small colony at their American Public Schools for that matter but yet in our Puerto Rican schools our subjects are basically to study English and learn some American History like who’s the first President, the Abolition of Slavery, Civil Rights, Native Americans, among study the History of how United States invaded Puerto Rico in the 1888 from the Spaniards taking this territory for military purposes.

Americans doesn’t want to take care of a colony or territory that doesn’t have production on their own. If for example, a territory exports oil, corn, or fruits like pineapple, well, they would take that into consideration and greed us as part of this nation. But since all we’re exporting is absolutely nothing, that’s another story. Puerto Rico kept importing a lot of goods since there’s no factories, there’s no jobs, there’s absolutely nothing. Their deficits are the worst in ten years, their government is 100% corrupt in favor of the rich elite leaving the poor to literally kill themselves everyday and who wants that? Not the Congress, not the Senators, Not even The President. So keeping as a commonwealth means that Puerto Rico is still sucking out of the Statue of Liberty’s tit without paying Federal Taxes, or have the right to vote for the President of the United States, and this country is tired of giving it handouts for over more than 50 years to a colony that it got used to be lazy and it’s time to let go the money titties and eliminate this failed status.

Statehood is out of the question. Instead of a benefit it will sunken more on being dependent of welfare, and more struggled on paying Federal Taxes among other issues. How about being Independent?

Oh, that’s gonna scare you with this word, Independence. It’s nothing bad, it’s not a curse. United States is an Independent Country, so why not Puerto Rico? The facts are just simple, Puerto Ricans are scared. They’re influenced by false myths and scare tactics that are making it’s citizens blinded for generations. Here’s some as it follows:

  • If Puerto Rico would be Independent we all starve and die of hunger like Cuba: If the Puerto Ricans would stop waiting for their welfare checks and food stamps and start using their hands in agriculture, factories, or in other words getting a real job, they wouldn’t starve or die. It will get help them being self-sufficient and not rely on the government for handouts.
  • We become Communists: Puerto Rican citizens can decide if they want a Communist, Socialist, or better yet a Democratic Country. The government can be influenced by the people and decide what’s best for the country, if the politicians are not corrupt and in their best interest with fairness it would create their own rules according to the type of government the people selected.
  • All our American Welfare are gone: That’s why you have a job for. It’s hard, but it’s worth it in the end. Or maybe perhaps the Puerto Rican government would help depending of what’s the type of status for the benefit of their citizens. And yes, that would save billions of dollars from the US Government so they can use that money for fixing other important issues like Health Care.

Other issues why this country is not experiencing freedom is the run-around that the United States has with Puerto Ricans when it comes to deciding it’s status. Their response, the people have to decide, and we decide under false pretenses and scare tactics and choose wrongly to have the commonwealth. Isn’t the right time, that Puerto Ricans would choose to break the breathing tube from United States and breathe on their own?


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