Review: Obama Health Care Speech

I saw the whole Health Care Speech from President Barrack Obama today on YouTube (because yesterday I was leveling my character on Wow [World of Warcraft], plus I don’t have Cable TV) and let me tell you, my friend and enemies, this was the President Obama last chance to convince the Congress that the time is now, not in four year or the next term to fix this dying Health Care.

During the first 5 minutes, people were cheering, applauding President Obama as he was entering into the stand, it was like watching a boxing match in which the undisputed champion were the repukes and the contender was Obama. The atmosphere looked pretty slim, pretty divided, pretty uneasy between both parties as Obama started explaining, discussing, and even telling how it’s going to be, eradicating any rumors, gossips and false information that cause the republican party misleading the Health Care Bill.

As soon as one of these subjects came to his mind, the subject of whether and illegal alien should receive  Health Care, as soon he was saying these unfortunate people should not be eligible, a strong voice came out shouting “You Lie!”. Later,that voice was immediately booed. The guy who screamed was Republican representative Joe Wilson from South Carolina. He didn’t have no other choice than suck it up and deal with it. President Obama looked at him pointing the finger, I knew he was mad as hell but he kept his posture without losing a grip and still he was saying clearly his point causing an embarrassment towards Joe Wilson.

He also was addressing important points and debunk scare tactics such as:

*    Health Insurer Companies should never and not disqualify an individual over the fact of a pre-existing condition or have a secret procedure or illness unrelated to your present situation.

*     Medicare is a sacred trust. There’s no out of pocket expenses instead it will cover the gap. He will eliminate subsidies from Private Insurer Companies and protect Medicare against Private Insurer Companies from making a profit on a privately voucher program.

*     Yes, there won’t be any killing fields for the elderly.

*     It will reduce the cost of Medicare/Medicaid without sacrificing the care of the Patient and the Doctor.

*     He will put the Public Option into effect and it would be self-sufficient.

*     Government Takeover isn’t an option, however Private Insurer Companies are accountable for their actions.

*     He stand a quote that no government or private corporation should not interfere between you and the doctor.

*     For people with Health Insurance, he’s planning on putting no cost on tests or exams to diagnosed serious illness.

*     He will prohibit the cap that when you get sick and maximize all their coverage your insurance will stop paying for it. He stated that NO ONE WILL GET BROKE BECAUSE THEY’RE SICK.

*     For the uninsured, it would have a public option in which they can select a low-cost coverage or an affordable plan. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

*     Medium and Big Corporations are mandated to carry Health Insurance for all employees. Small Businesses are optional or are exempt from it.

*     No Federal Money is going to be used on Abortions.

*     He stated that Illegal Aliens are not being insured.

*     He also stated that Republicans shouldn’t be spreading rumors and gossip instead they have to unite (other words being a team player) and bring any concerns regarding Health Care or other issues as he’s willing to listen to anyone.

*     He will not put a dime in the deficit now or in the future with Health Care.

After his solid, emotive and reasonable speech, what the republican party did was suck it up and deal with it. He wasn’t blocking every punch, instead he delivered a concise blow to their heads. Even thought some were still unconvinced, stubborn and like this case willing to throw insults, Obama’s words, his ideas (along with the help of Democrats and some Republicans) were still standing. He won not by a landslide, but by knock out. I just hope this bill would be approved, otherwise it would be more costly to see another uninsured person deal with hopeless solutions and die because of the lack of decent and fair Health Care.


3 thoughts on “Review: Obama Health Care Speech

  1. “delivered a concise blow to their heads”

    He introduced nothing new and reiterated the losing argument he has been fighting the last month. He even seemed ashamed of the public option the way he delivered his speech.

    The same problems still exist. No one believes this can be deficit neutral. I am all for it but it seems impossible.

    You can’t add almost 40 million people to the system and expect to not have rationed care.

  2. Well, losing argument? It was his last argument. It would be from now on on the Senators, Congressmen and Representatives’ heads to decide if we the people are going to carry the burden of an unjust (and deadly) Health Care system or fix it. He said clearly No government or private corporations should be between you and the Doctor. At least he’s trying to do the best he can with the help of Democrats and some Republicans (including John McCain) to get along and fight the negative publicity, gossips and scare tactics affecting Health Care. I can’t wait for this reform to honestly be approved to receive the most fair and dignified Health Care I need in a long time.

  3. I agree with reform. THere is alot i agree with that obama has talked about. The public option, funding, and rationing are legitimate concerns and will be tough to overcome. Tort reform is also a must.

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