Let me See… Tea Parties?

We have the freedom to do what the fuck we want to do. Unfortunately we’re going towards the wrong direction. During the Bush Diss-Administration, people who were using their right to speak against the war in Iraq and in favor of his impeachment were just invisible, in other words, they were silenced by tear gas, tazers and rubber bullets. But it was for fairness, liberty and their pursuit.

Now during the Obama Administration and his most controversial subject, how to fix Health Care, people are misinformed thanks in part by the biased media, along with false rumors posted by conservative talk show hosts (who are as just dumbass as a drug addict buddy) and instead of understanding his proposal online or requesting the bill to be sending out by mail, they just don’t want the easy way, by just saying no, screaming and being violent at town halls, and now they’re doing “Tea Parties”  against “Obamacare” and his “Obamanation” and placing out of sync words like socialism and communism into the scene.

First of all, you voted for Obama, you have to deal with him for the next 4 years, unless he does something anti-constitutional to being a candidate to being impeached. Second, Socialism isn’t the wicked witch of the east, it’s Capitalism that we have to be afraid of 100%.  It’s the root of all these problems we have from Debts, Foreclosure and yes, the crisis of Health Care where many hardworking individuals and families are off to the streets living in their Mini-Van or Used Car or looking at a place to live to have the difficulty of standing on their own feet, meanwhile the rich are spending, wasting and abusing their stolen wealth. And then these citizens are doing Tea Parties because they’re afraid of Socialism? Well, if “Socialism” would be part of the United States, people would be receiving equal care, instead of how much money do you have in order to receive health care, in order to save your own soul, and if you don’t have the money, they just literally give you a mediocre care and left you dead on the hallway for sure.

Isn’t what you want?


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