Kennedy’s Secret Prognosis

Last weekend at work I found out as always by CNN Senator Edward Kennedy has suffered a Stroke. The hospital moved this guy from one hospital to the next and I was like “they supposed to keep him in, not give him a fuckin’ tour!” After a few days later after that secretive, private policy, CNN has announced that Edward Kennedy really has a malignant brain tumor and what it seemed to be having a stoke it was really having convulsions. I’m sorry to be insensitive in this matter. First of all, AT LEAST HE HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! If he was uninsured, god help him or should I say let the train crash him by. Terminal illness or catastrophic illnesses not only ruin families and individuals but really takes a financial toll on them. Many opted for suicide since they’re unable to get the necessary help they need. And the government? Well, thank you! My sister-in-law nearly died while asking, pleading and even demanding for Medicaid. Now she have Stomach Cancer and still these assholes denied her again. Finally after a great help from a lawyer, she have the help she needed but it is too little, too late. They should help her when she wasn’t able to work, not when she was dying! How many people with malignant brain tumors or any catastrophic terminal illnesses are still struggling to make ends meet? And now everybody who has insurance are posting on different blogs across the country, “their struggles” with this illness or any other. I’m sorry that’s not a struggle if you have health insurance or have extra money in the bank due to their high paid jobs. Call me a bitch or a hateful whatever but after I have been seen and hear all these people in this rural area of Idaho trying to sell their soul to the devil to at least have insurance to keep them alive just for a few years while working while sick for a minimum wage, that’s a fuckin’ struggle!

Second issue in that same line is why the fuckin’ secrecy? Specially the media, why the fuckin’ lying? If you say something, better say something truthful so that we can believe your source, otherwise forget it. Everybody though it was only a minor stoke to then be more worried when it was really a deadly dissease. Not only this news, other news are either exagerated, manipulated or even falsely enhanced so you can cry, laugh and even get angry at the wrong guy. Reporter’s credibility at CNN are fucked up!

My condolences to Edward Kennedy and his family… but once again “AT LEAST HE HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE” and have all the best care by prominent doctors in this nation. I just wish these prominent doctors will treat my sister-in-law and many more who are the working poor.


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