Chris and Population Control

A few days ago with the Ebola Epidemic starting in our soil, so-called artist and woman beater with anger issues, Chris Brown issued a statement on Social Media commenting about the issue saying “I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S–t is getting crazy bruh.”

Even guys with Ebonics planted in their brains knew that’s gonna happen. But then he backdown of what he said stating: ““Let me shut my black ass up!” Well, there’s cases that when as a celebrity you don’t have nothing to say or want to say in the moment, mine as well don’t say it at all. But then there’s this sentence and these two words associated with it. Population Control. These words means a lot and obviously is negative. Population Control means a certain group or groups of individuals who society “thinks” they’re not fit for the development of one country and the best effective method will be in their opinion to eliminate. This method isn’t new, for centuries when colonizers came to a new land, they encounter natives that in their opinion weren’t acceptable in their lifestyle so they did they eliminated them. Spain, UK did just that as they went from South America, Caribbean and the US by eliminating or forcing Natives out of their turf. With the Black People who were traveled against their will to a foreign land to be servants, with abolition in place, many so-called scientists, discussed what’s their effective method to at least eradicate such a troublesome race. In the years that followed, Sterilization, Contraceptives, Abortion and Illnesses are the common methods to eradicate a certain group of people that deemed undesirable with unsuccessful results.

Now we think that we’re over with Eugenics, right? Nope. Still, there’s theories of water poisoning with unknown chemicals that in some cases produce infertility in couples without even know it, not only water but the food we eat as well. The cheap chemically process foods that low-income buys because they can’t afford fruits and vegetables. Excuse me for being such a conspiracy theorist but it have been a subject for decades and yet a lot of people choose to ignore it. And don’t forget the world epidemics in the past centuries with the “latest” the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s which nearly wipe out the US Population and Reagan didn’t care shit. If Chris Brown spoke his screwed up mind about a profound, controversial subject there could be two things: make people scared to the point of pooping their pants, or downgrading him some more by name calling, or ignoring his sorry ass.

Meanwhile, Ebola is eliminating Africans more than western countries. Could it be true? Since mainstream people doesn’t know there’s oil, diamonds, the corporations who knows it are willing to kill it’s citizens to get to these resources. Now, that’s very profound meaning for population control for money gain.

Backwards Incompatible

I thought Sony was a very respectable, honest company who was the good guy in delivering games and consoles for our enjoyment without affecting our bank. Who in the end dethroned greedy Microsoft and their Xbox One. But all had been thrown out of the window the moment I played “Destiny” when on the PVP section it says:

Requirements not set

PlaystationPlus Membership Required

I felt for a moment frozen and puzzled and I ask why a million or billion dollar company resort to this? Not only this game “Destiny” but other games have mandatory requirements to push the consumer to buy PS Plus in order to play online. On top of paying for the internet, getting a half a game which is $60.00 dollars or more in order to milk it for what it worth resorting to DLC content for extra $.99 to almost $30.00 in some cases and using their latest tactic “Season Pass” that on quote “saves gamers money, it seems Sony went along the current and I’m not amused at all. The reasons why Sony decided to set this rule is an excuse to the additional investment the company has had to make on the network side.  After a massive, chaotic hacker attack on the PS3, two years ago, when Annonymous defended the cause of two players who were using illegal cheats, Sony took their matters into their own hands by punish consumers to spend more to play online on their newest console. So right now you have two choices:

*Pay the extra fee ($9.99 a month, $17.99 for three months or $49.99 for a year) of PS4 Plus Membership


*Enjoy the game half ass, not meeting friends or anything.

Sony shouldn’t be doing this tactic in the first place. As I feel duped after I spent $684.00 including taxes on the console and a game, I will say the guys from Microsoft were honest all the way instead. For Sony instead they could add this quote from now on:

“If you don’t have or afford PS Plus, play on the PS3 instead.”

Seems a totally waste of my money on videogames that Sony and every game developer is being greedy in two years that maybe I could go on another new hobby… knitting.

The Danger of “Hatred:” A resurgence in ultra violent videogames in a period of “Tranquility” is NOT a great idea

Last night I saw a trailer on youtube from an Indie Developer called Destructive Creations delivering their latest creation “Hatred” on PC and I felt flabbergasted. After watching the trailer once I chose to watch it again and to put it nicely, it blew my mind… and not in a good way. After a few decades of innovated, creative videogames that had substance, story, and choices from different alternative environments or versions of the world to distant far away planets around the galaxy; in order to clean up their misconception that videogames bluntly promotes violence. But this latest creation goes back when parents were up in arms when Mortal Kombat was labeled “extreme” and “violent.” At least MK is about a fight for survival, “Hatred” on the other hand is a undiscriminating third person shooter video game that relies on killing innocents for no reason.

This game doesn’t have a deep plot or story except it’s just a lone man who’s beginning to feel tired and angry with the world that he just decides to arm himself with guns and knives and starts a shooting spree at anyone who’s directly or indirectly crosses his path. This game sadly will be aimed at gamers who are constantly bullied, rejected or awkward socially and in many cases with mental illness that might think this game will empowers them to commit shootings in real life. How dangerous is that? It’s plainly a massive shooting simulator and it seems not only disgusting but disturbing at best.

Several video game critics reviewed this game as revolted, extremely violent and extra tacky and I don’t blame them. In a era where shootings are the norm in the US, Destructive Creations which is a Polish company took their talents in a different view to waste in the sea of controversy with this piece of disgusting filth.

Hatred will be available in 2015, that if there’s no ban yet in the US with plans of getting it on Steam.



Excuses From The Other Side

A Man came from Liberia to pay a visit to his son in the United States. He got ill a couple of days later and was sent to the ER. At first, they found out nothing was wrong for this man except he have a fever of 103, and a mild abdominal pain. He was later sent home. But four hours later, he was back with a severe abdominal pain followed by vomiting and that’s when the hospital feared the worst. The man Thomas Duncan had Ebola, a dangerous illness that has a high percentage of death, from 50 to 90 percent if not treated right away. Duncan was in intensive care on quarantine for a couple of days and on Wednesday, he passed away.

But that’s not all. Many people including me judged this individual with all the hatred we can carry, calling him a liar for lying to authorities at the airport, and now this issue of the race card baffles me in red as a sign that, we still ignorant, not knowing what’s the real story behind this. Now his family is angered because the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital didn’t do “enough” to save Duncan from a deathly disease. That the fault lies in the color of his skin. That the hospital didn’t do the “proper” procedures to at least gave him the Zmapp or blood transfusion, but the issue is not about the color of his skin, the issue is about the ability to pay since he’s uninsured. Even thought hospitals can’t deny any patient to be treated regardless of the ability to pay, they assumed to wash their hands in the issue and say “We did our best providing Mr. Duncan with the same high level of attention and are that would be given any patient, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care.” Really? They claimed 50 people provided care for Mr. Duncan in a 24 hour intensive care. They gave him an experimental drug brincidofovir instead of the Zmapp because the Zmapp wasn’t available. But you know now the Zmapp is ready once again to be put on the market after Duncan died. The other alternative was blood transfusion from Ebola survivors in the states, but as always he wasn’t compatible so why they didn’t get blood from his type in the first place from Africa? Time isn’t always at the essence for him, right? If Texas Hospital considered moving Duncan to Atlanta were the “best of the best” nurses and doctor specialized in Ebola illness, he would be alive, not another deadly statistic. Like I always said, there’s a way, there’s definitely a way. But now, it seems too late, the guy is dead and his family is in mourning and on constant watch because Duncan was in physical contact with them.

So right now for one uninsured person, that person dies. I wonder how many uninsured will die because of “proper care” and not necessarily have to be with illegals? The other people will be the minimum wage earners who will endure the same excuse of not being treated the right way. The CDC has to be in check, and so the hospital staff have to learn and be rightfully trained how to deal with patients with Ebola while minimizing the risk. At least in Texas, they didn’t follow the protocol and now there’s a nurse who tested positive for it. Very catastrophic.

To Die with Dignity or Die in Shame

Nobody knows the better way to have the perfect birth. Gosh! If we have that chance, I for example, should be born to white parents in a affluent neighborhood and live a nice life or so I think. But nobody knows the perfect death. Death comes unexpected. One day you’re minding your own business and the next day, you’re laid on the floor with your eyes half open lifeless. There’s other issues like accidents, sleeping, and the most common, illness.

A woman in her nearly 30 who have been living the life she was set to from the beginning has decided the unthinkable. With a dangerous diagnosis as brain cancer, and giving her a few months to live, she decided to cut that, going from California to Oregon to “die with dignity.” Her name is Brittany Maynard, but ok, let me think about what’s wrong in this picture.

Based on the 6 minute video on youtube. She didn’t have a traumatic childhood, or traumatic adolescence not even a traumatic adulthood in her picture (that I think of). Mostly, is just how she visited far away places, meeting his “prince charming” and starting a new life… until a slight powerful headaches prompt her to go see the doctor. And that’s what it happened, Brain Cancer or glioblastoma. And since California doesn’t have “die with dignity” bill she moved to Oregon to do it, after she did research on the matter. Human beings can only endured so much and this “person” didn’t want to endure what other people have endured when prognosis like this happen at some point in their lives. Or even worst, a traumatic childhood, adolescence and adulthood that there were days that some people including me thought, “Oh, this is a great day to end my life because, I’m fed up with it.” or “what’s the sense of keeping on living like this (poverty, setbacks, failure), there’ nothing else to live for.” But this person have it easy.

What I suspect is always very easy for me. A spoiled brat? Sure! There’s so many experimental drugs to at least delay the course of the illness but at least it’s buying time, why she didn’t look for it and opted for the last option first? I really don’t know! At least she have money! There’s a lot of people battling cancer that they don’t opt for killing themselves, instead they fight until their last breath, like my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. Both dealt with cancer and they fought until they passed away. And they’re not rich spoiled brats like that person is and have overcome a lot of humiliations because of the label “low-income.”

Dying with dignity is just a excuse to end a life prematurely when there’s a lot of options out there to at least get help. Poor people are the ones who endure the unthinkable even if they don’t deserve such a tragedy. But his wealthy woman should have the cojones and deal with it! Can she cared about her family, her husband of her decision? Can her family talked to her to withdraw that decision? Perhaps and maybe. This person doesn’t deserve some sympathy from me, she obviously deserves to have a intense conversation of how to accept everything that’s coming for her and deal with it. Hell! I have to deal all that, simple illnesses, setbacks, not having anything to eat from the fridge except water until payday, not having kids. At least she could get dined and travel around the world again… I just stood here surviving and have to deal with it. But Hey! It’s call survival! Deal with it!

Not a Big Deal, Move Along!

The issue about feminism bitching and complaining about certain issues that has nothing to do with their ideals seems like a bad cracked joke you heard before over and over for a period of years and you’re in the point of either ignore it, or throw where ever you can find at the bad joker. This time the social injustice media who doesn’t seem to know good from right is “outraged” at certain T-shirts that Walmart, Target and JC Penney has in store and online.

Let me tell you this T-shirt. There’s nothing offensive about being a wife! Being a wife, a mother, a friend to his companion has a lot of gratifications and blessings than being just the superhero. I don’t know why feminists see marriage as a wrong road to a woman’s life when in reality is her role, period. If they want to be just Batman, they must have a penis which they lack off. Like I told you guys before over and over, women are the weak sex, they’re not strong enough to handle stresses or strength like the men does. They can’t even do pullups themselves and they’re demanding to eliminate this type of exercise from the US Army. So, the issue of sexism in t-shirts like this is out of the question. If you want to see offensive, check out t-shirt that might say “I’m a Slut.” Oh wait they have those already!

Who’s gonna date a villain? Someone who’s an abuser, woman beater, lazy ass man? The word Hero has a lot of significance. It could stem from a lot of virtues and abilities that can help others feel safe in a dangerous environments and situations. Not necessarily has to be like Superman, Batman or any other, even a truck driver or a man can do great feats. That’s why Men’s role is to keep and protect the ones that hold dear. And it’s not a easy one and women definitely can’t do themselves. The concept of “hero” and “hero’s wife” in society is the same as “Man” and Man’s Wife” as men belong being the providers and protectors and the women have to take care of his kids and take care of the household. So, why feminists considers these T-shirt offensive? It’s because they want to feel important when they didn’t do absolutely nothing constructive to society for decades. What’s offends me is the concept of “single mother”, “Slut”, “Welfare Queens”, “Bad Mother”, “Gold Digger” among other negative names and are labeled not only on T-shirts but on tattoos as well. We should thank the feminist movement for that. Move along, there’s nothing to see, this is what it suppose to be. A man and a woman, not a lonely hateful man and a lonely hateful, angered hag.

We Are Fucked!

It’s offensive to say this words on the main tittle, but to reach you guys into your thick skulls, this is what I think about the Ebola virus that finally arrived in the US: “I told you so!” Bringing these people from Africa to then taking care of them in Atlanta was the biggest mistake they ever done. And not only that, they were focused on two people when they let go a small group of individuals that didn’t know they have the disease and guess where it started? In the heart of Texas! A man who visited Liberia, Thomas Duncan came back feeling ill and on Sept 28 he went to the hospital and tested positive for Ebola. But it was the second visit there. Most hospitals doesn’t have an effective strategy when cases like these arrived. He was in the airplane and didn’t know, and the passengers didn’t know it either. So they have to identify the man, they have to find out the passengers and tests those passengers and also investigate where the man was headed into the airport.

And this is what scares me, most people doesn’t know what’s the symptoms of Ebola. It can be confused like the common flu or cold. Also, it can be transmitted thought body fluids, that includes when someone sneeze or even shake hands that obviously hasn’t cleaned properly, that’s when it happens. We have to be seriously cautious with who or which places we are going. The American people have to be informed. Since Ebola can’t be cured, it can be controlled through a combination of antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and more important Oxygen for breathing problems.

Now from one man it turned out today to be 80 patients. It’s scary as it is. It’s panic! And the government? Well, thank you! Taking their breaks on vacations in far away lands instead of making an effective plan to fix this issue without alarming the public. In the meantime, we are sheep to the slaughter, and worst we don’t have the necessary cojones to revolt against a government that has been obeying the rich elite since the beginning of time. There’s going to be a lot of people dead, at the cost of capitalism because of that! The biggest mistake they ever done was not restricting people from Africa that has been in contact with Ebola patients to come to the States. And there you have it, we have a severe outbreak. This is NOT a bumpy ride, my friends! This is a nightmare!

How do you know about Ebola

It indicates the symptoms and treatment of this dangerous illness. Stay inform. Stop watching reality TV, this is your reality, your fight for survival!