New Face of Wonder Woman

After years of failed projects and pilots finally DC Comics puts Wonder Woman on film, in a small role, wearing like this:

It’s quite different than the other one that every one hates:

But many wants to see Wonder Woman like this:

But sure there’s a few styles that Wonder Woman can improve those tights:


The Runner

More Amazonian less American

I have a dream too! WW could be a Black Chick!

The Retro 1940s

And who can remember or forget this one:

What other styles do you like Wonder Woman to wear? And Do you like this new version?

Poverty Is Just Around The Corner

Politicians over the years have made an “excuse” to ignore this common and unpleasant issue for all Americans, and it’s indeed the problem of poverty. It has been there even from where I remember, I even experienced like many other people in this country that falls from financial “grace” and end up in financial ruin. Where all you can do is survive to have a roof over your head, food on the table and being able to afford the important bills and leave just a few cents in your name. But there’s a group of individuals and families that take advantage of being poor and they have been for generations because that’s why they feel comfortable. And now, since this great recession there’s a lot of people going on the road in poverty than people getting away from it.

Republicans as well as Democrats are the responsible culprits indeed in NOT helping properly the community that “begs” themselves to be saved from the grasp of being poor. Even working in a fast-food restaurant or a bank or a store chains isn’t enough to sustain themselves and their families. But instead politicians are blaming one side or the other not making an effort to create programs that can help these families break the dependence from near crumbling social programs. This is one sure example.

Paul Ryan have 5 ways to “End Poverty” sure is a joke aimed at stubborn Americans with his poetic and long words how to beat it instead of using common knowledge and language to find out if he have any ideas. Like any other politician, he uses his charm in convincing the public that he have a brain to fix problems but sadly is just like any other career politician out there, just to get your vote for the next election that is around the corner. But at least, he’s not all that bad. He’s willing to help the convicts too, something that the rest of politicians should be ashamed of, but still his 5 ways falls out flat.

Ending poverty isn’t something you have to say, it’s about planning with economists who dealt first hand their own experience in poverty and how they overcome it. I’ll bet a few of them have been out of poverty because of an opportunity arose and they took it. Not because of social programs. Social programs instead of helping families instead are breaking them into this dependence we have today. But you might say ok, show me what’s your strategy then to solve this problem. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand it.

What’s my 5 Ways?

1. Make Food Stamps available temporarily once a year for families and individuals with the duration from 3 months to 6 months. Permanent for fixed income and the Disabled: It might sound harsh but the reality is, if you work and make money, you should be able to provide for yourself and your family. There’s no excuse of why you need the help to be permanent when all you can do for the rest of your money is cigs, alcohol and perhaps drugs. Also, this program should restrict even more on high process foods and sodas replacing it with nutritional, healthy foods, even fruits and vegetables. So thinking about buying a 1/2 elaborated sheet cake for your kid’s birthday with Foods Stamps card should be replaced with buying a simple box of cake and make it yourself.

2. Make any business accountable for outsourcing: Outsourcing companies are purely responsible for the nearly collapse of the economy and the increase in poverty from inner cities to rural areas. If they want to have their business in this country make sure they get all the help available to make their business prosper with lesser taxes and penalties. But if they decide to move to Asia, Mexico or any other foreign country where the pay is less than minimum wage, and their laws are flexible, they should be fined not in thousands but millions and that money will go towards the unemployed to help them get new trade skills to provide for their families and themselves.

3. I agree with the convict part. They shouldn’t be held punished even after jail so why don’t eliminate their criminal record in a year, if they prove themselves they could get a job, or a GED and being able to sustain themselves instead of being in and out of jail for their rest of their lives? But that’s only for misdemeanor, non-violent crimes and even drug charges like possession of an illegal substance.

4. Colleges should include programs that are in part with demand jobs. Many colleges and so-called universities are for-profit, meaning they only care about your cash, not about the quality of the courses they offer. And their curriculum are outdated most of the time. Trade schools are non-existent specially in rural areas. Their cost are very expensive that many individuals opted for loans because Pell grants doesn’t cover 100% of the cost. Create government sponsored trade schools for the low-income that could help them get the trade they want to be financially independent. As for Colleges and Universities they should be held accountable for every student graduated if he definitely got the job that he studied for they could get incentives that can actually help these colleges lower their tuition.

5. The most important thing to curb poverty: Remember the great depression in the late 20′s? The US government blamed corporations for this disaster. Not only there were millions jobless, but there were also families that needs a roof over their heads, food on their table and security. But what’s the difference today and the past? It’s that the government in that era have cojones. They blamed the rich for the whole disaster and made them accountable for the whole thing, by taxing them to nearly death. These taxes created programs that helped families and individuals from the Depression era to pick themselves up to be sufficiently independent and built the American Dream for them and their children. But now, the difference is clear, Corporations, Millionaires and Billionaires doesn’t want to pay their fair share, instead they want to quit their citizenship and move elsewhere than being accountable for their actions. Actually, the government should tax them according to inflation whether they like it or not and direct that money to housing, education, social programs, medical and other programs that can help the poor find the respite they need to break the circle. That money shouldn’t be for other than helping the poor.

What’s your 5 ways to curb poverty? Tell us!


Bad Parenting 102: Choose Their Gender Roles Accordingly

In the past days, an actor named named Seth Menachem post a photo of his son on Social Media telling the whole world:

Hey! He likes dresses and that’s ok!

At first I thought it was a joke but as I watched his interview with CNN it was more like shoving the gay/transgendered agenda down through our throats. It seems times are changing in the worst way possible to the disintegration of the “Nuclear” family, the traditional family. That’s ok, based on Seth’s perspective, NOT mine or anyone else who believes that reversing the roles aren’t normal, it’s rather disturbing. For a long while boys wear pants and shirts while playing with trucks, toy pistols and playing with green plastic soldiers, girls on the other hand wear dresses, play with dolls and as closest that it gets on make up painting their nails (with parental supervision). But changing these roles into incorrect genders,the results would be catastrophic, not only for future generations but for mankind as well. There’s a correct order to supervise and teach our kids to be respectable citizens and be confident about it and best of all happy with their correct own gender identity.

This reverse gender role identity will be turn your boys like these…

 Let them boys be boys grow up to be MEN, not feminine men.

Bad Mamas?

On CNN it appeared a story of a single mother Debra Harrell who left her 9 year old child alone in the park while she was working at McDonalds. The reactions of a lot of commentators bellow the story were mostly blatant against this working mom “neglect” towards her own child without understanding why she choose to “leave” the child. But there’s a lot of profoundness in this story as any other.

For example, as usual the race factor. Society has always vilify Black Women as lazy, selfish and neglectful towards their own kids. The motto “they rather take care of themselves than taking care of their own kids” has been stuck with us like crazy glue. But sadly it doesn’t applies to Caucasian women in that aspect. Mostly, they’re the most loving, pure and responsible towards their own children and their men. But when cases like child neglect comes into the view of the Caucasian mother, they just feel pity. But in a case like a hard working single mother who worked paycheck to paycheck to keep a roof under her head while taking care of her child, for one single “mistake” of leaving the kid in the park alone by herself under the hot weather, society wants the mother’s head, and leaving the child under worst treatment under foster care.

It seems absurd that for only the issue of not being able to provide child care for this child, she’s entitled to jail time and an unmerciful attack by the social media. Instead, first from her former employer McDonalds instead of firing her, they should help her in getting an affordable child care for her kid. Or create programs and incentives for working moms to afford child care. Not firing her! Second, for the people in the park, instead of pointing fingers and judging her for her “bad parenting skills” they should examine themselves too. There’s no perfect parent these days, and surely they made this issue like Mrs. Harrell is the worst person in the community she lives in and deserves to be life without parole in jail. Perhaps, they think that leaving their kids with iphones and tablets is good parenting. Third, enough with the black women are the scum of the earth crap! There’s a lot of Black Mothers out there that they will sacrifice themselves for their child’s wellbeing. And for that, they’re raising good men and women in the end. NOT GHETTO HOES AND CRIMINALS!

But not all is lost. After, her arrest, a lawyer Robert Verner Phillips who took this case as pro-bono, is defending her case. And she’s back with her daughter but unemployed. A fund for her has been placed on to help deal with the costs of child care and other expenses until her case is cleared and her name clean to start over. This nightmare for this struggling single mother who have been judged unfairly has to end.

Another thing… Does Child Services removed Victoria Wilcher from her neglectful and selfish single mother and grandparents?

Another news…

Another single mother rejected by Social Services in North Carolina have her five children taken away to foster care because she post an ad on Craiglist for shelter for her and her five kids. In their opinion by a “Social Worker” it was inappropriate because “Child Molesters” or “Murderers” can answer it. Well, sadly this kids are going to child molesters or murderers on Foster Care instead.

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I Fought China… and USA won!

Many business, thanx to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and WTO (World Trade Organization), closed their doors to export their services to other countries specially China for cheap, “fast” labor and earn more profits without having to pay a huge load of taxes and “liabilities.” By this, many small cities that used to boost the economy, ceased to exist leaving hundreds unemployed and without any help to get back on their feet causing these small towns to big cities to crumble (Remember Detroit, Flint?). But thankfully there’s one guy who didn’t bulge into that mold and instead investigate close enough to what’s the secret behind going into these China factories and drew a verdict that shocked a community of Virginia.

Tom Bassett, a furniture factory owner decided to keep his company, his employees against the flow and choose that it’s not worth it to go for that strategy. Instead, he along with his fellow furniture owners file a complaint to the US International Trade Commission by simply charging Chinese manufacturers with dumping, crappy products and then selling less than the cost of production. In other meanings, the Chinese have been paying peanuts compared to pay American Employees what’s they’re worth. And it ain’t rocket science. First of all when it comes to furniture, designing and creating furniture it takes a lot of skilled subjects like Math, to make the perfect piece of furniture. Human hands cannot substitute robots in that area, since you feel the craftsmanship and the quality of the product as real with feeling as you can get. Second of all you have to protect your employees against accidents, something that China lacks off since these “employees” are replaceable with no benefits or help to get through in case of accident which companies “save.”

Bassett, visited a factory that made knockoffs of the furniture, to pretend that he’s interested in having their factory work for him. And the rest is History, he complain, he stood up and won keeping his employees and his company he holds dear. This is my friends a very definition of being an American. Companies should let this be an example that yes, a company can be saved by the cheap regulations and labor and produce jobs in their own town and city without sacrificing the quality and their identity that consumers are identified with. Let’s all support companies that are making products in the US!

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When My Black Brothers Hate Me

Omay Farlane:

This is a post from Black Millennial Musings that really infuriates me to the core, about an announcement of recruiting all girls from 18-30 from all ethnicity, shapes and sizes. What’s really pissed me off is what Hollywood denigrates women of color to Class C and D like the worst of the low. I will never support this movie because it denigrates women of color, period. Black women should unite and demand our dignity and respect we all truly deserve.

Originally posted on Black Millennial Musings:

Today, a casting call for the highly-anticipated N.W.A. movie “Straight Outta Compton” was posted on the Internetz for all the world to see. The post called for girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors. As diverse and inviting such a notion could be, it was clear that a celebration of female diversity wasn’t in the works. Take a look…

Casting Call

That’s right. Categorizing women from Type A to Type D, light-skinned, racially ambiguous, big booty women were rated “hottest of the hottest,” while dark skinned women were relegated to the lowest of the low.

Infuriating doesn’t express my angst. Exasperation barely captures my annoyance with *some* Black men and their subservience to white dominance. Pity and shame nearly espouses my convictions towards the Black men who perpetuate white supremacy by devaluing the beauty of Black womanhood.

Black women know the struggles we face. From our hair to our looks, we’re constantly poked…

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