Photography on a Budget: Trial and Error

Two days ago I tried to practice a technique to make pictures look like these:

This is NOT my photo

In order to do so, you must have Neutral Density Filter. But there’s types of Neutral Density. The common ones are the 3 stop, the 6 and the 10 aka “The Big Stopper.” I decided to get the Big Stopper to follow the instructions on a tutorial I was reading a couple of weeks earlier. Decided to give it a try and it just came out like this:


Pretty Awful! Even thought the Filter works, tried to tune the ISO to 100, and set the aperture to f/11 to f/16, it didn’t came out the way it should like the picture above. At least the water was a little bit creamy, but not enough to seem like mist. And yes, my camera longest shutting speed is 30 sec. and using 18-50mm lens. The location is near a river 10 miles away, which the plants in the front of the view were obstructing the rest of the river, but that was as close as I got to it. Until, I check more information regarding how to use Neutral Density Filters to make misty waters, I found this one from Gavin Hoey much simpler:

The thing is not everyone makes perfect from the first try, you have to practice it to master it. And it’s not only using filters but other techniques that takes practice, patience and a little bit of determination. I’m gonna keep on practicing and you should too!



Too Much, Too Much Promiscuity…

This country is oversexualized beyond repair. We seen kids having kids that they cannot take care of them. Kids with incurable venereal diseases and severe mental and emotional damage. Adults that aren’t brave enough to commit to at least one person and plenty of damaged single women without husbands who are raising kids with different sperm donors seems how wrecked and malignant this society has become in over the course of decades ever since the “sexual liberation” in the 60′s.

We seen a lot of private parts floating around in magazines, semi-sexual or complete sex acts in TV and movies and even in songs and frankly I had enough. It’s not about cutting sex out from the map and become asexual is about implementing responsibility and accountability. Sexual Education in school failed completely in teaching teenagers sex is not like shaking hands or giving a kiss. It needs commitment, honesty and responsibility. Those three simple three things is the key to have healthy relationships and a great legacy of having children who have both parents.

It takes two to tango, but two have to continue the dance from dating to marriage and beyond. It’s ridiculous to me that for a stupid problem couples aren’t compromising, instead they’re fighting to the death or split apart forgetting what they had built that cost a lot of sacrifices. It’s not about being man enough to have sex with hundred of thousands of women to become a man, the same thing with women, it’s about how can be tolerant with your wife or husband and be faithful to one person for the rest of your life that is what truly defines to be a man or a woman.

But sadly, we ignored it. We just go obeying our hormones instead of our feelings and there you have it, humping like animals sometimes in front of people, sometimes hidden in our rooms and disasters that follows. We as society, should be teaching our kids going to that puberty stage about the good and the consequences of sex and also teaching them about self-control because it’s not the school duty or government to do so.  Because it is very true that it was better to wait until you get married, than spreading legs to strangers you met for 10 minutes, 30 minutes max in a bar. Because, the whole sexual liberation thing did it’s part and it’s caused the destruction of the family structure.



If You Can’t Win… Sew

Every parent in America dread this special occasion, one of many dreading events involving their child and the school he’s or she’s involved in. From the first day going to these cold concrete buildings full of other kids to the Prom. Prom is the celebration of a nearly going to their next step in their lives, it’s the beginning of the end of semi-dependency and into the beginning of independence and freedom. But for the school districts, Prom is stained some cases beyond repair because of their “strict” rules of how these teenagers should dress and their stories full of anger, disappointments and confusion from both sides.

It’s incredible that the excuse for cancelling Prom will be a girl dressing up in a tuxedo, or banning girls because their chests are too big, or wearing strapless or “skimpy” dresses, and men who are transgendered dressing as females. Another thing is the school officials and board directors control the way Prom “should” “celebrated” by banning certain music, hairstyles and even inviting porn stars. Ok, inviting porn stars, that I could agree on the issue, but the other trivial things it’s kind of making this celebration of life into a funeral. I think every parent dream will be having your girl dressed like this:

But school officials wants girls to look like this instead:

Yeah! Consider me extremist… but that’s their dream School Directors and Board Members are contemplating and it’s not a great idea.

On the parent’s side, I know your frustration to find the “perfect” dress for your daughter. But still, it’s a hassle and an inconvenience shopping store after one and all you see are dresses that authorities may be having a heart attack over this and the  shops has:

So, in order to not give up and curl yourselves in a ball in a fetal position crying and wimping, here’s an alternative to find the prom dress you, your daughter and the school district could be satisfied with. Make your OWN clothes! You heard that right! Learn to sew your own clothes. It takes time, practice and a little bit of determination but you’ll be ready in time or before for the prom. I truly don’t know why they school districts doesn’t implement Home Economics back (if they cancel it) while eliminating sex ed and teach girls to make their own dresses they feel comfortable with. Sewing it’s a great asset to girls and women out there who can’t otherwise afford a hundred dollar dress. It will focus on their own individuality and improve their confidence in doing something they’re deemed to do in the first place. Do you think that women in the great depression buy clothes like they do right now in the recession? Women in that era made clothes, so why they don’t start now? For your motivation, here’s an old story.

Enforcing Dress Codes for Parents? Bad and Stupid Idea

I think sooner of later United States will become a police state where you can’t do things you take for granted for example, taking your kids to school while wearing your pajamas or sweatpants. Sadly in Florida instead of focusing on their education crisis and find ways to avoid kids dropping out of school and creating new after school programs that doesn’t have to be with only sports, one school board member named Rosalyn Osgood is trying to implement a dress code for parents. Yes, you’re reading it! For parents when dropping their kids to school. You have to be freaking joking, right? How can their way parents dress conflict with their kids education? It makes no sense whatsoever! Osgood comments were bluntly stupid:

“It’s hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas or short shorts if they see parents wearing them. Parents need to lead by example.”

Ok, why don’t you check each child how he or she goes academically which is more important, to guide them into success instead of how they’re dress or even worst how the school district dictates how parents should dress when dropping or picking their own kids. And by the way, school isn’t a “Fashion Show” as Osgood also commented. It’s a place where kids learn the basics based on what society dictates them to be, not what’s the most expensive clothes the kids wear. It sounds to me like another excuse not to use their time to fix what’s really going on in Public Schools. So, if this is implemented, parents don’t have another choice than to have their kids home schooled.

Can Hollywood and Society Get Over it?

Last Night (Sunday), I watched “12 Years a Slave” and I couldn’t stand another 10 more minutes. It’s based on a book by Solomon Northup recounting his experience as a free man in the North being kidnapped, tortured, abused and sold as a slave in the South. But this movie version disgust me, not only the hate towards Black people is apparent, but Black actors in this movie should say, “NO”, I can’t be doing this role! Instead, they just want to be noticed by acting they’re abused, naked, raped just for the sake of an Oscar. I couldn’t bear how long Black actors have become over the last decade to get still stereotyped roles. I don’t know, but as a woman of color I don’t think this is the only history Blacks have. Our ancestors came in this land against our will, while being “reconditioned” with whips and chains, eliminating their original names to common ones and under heartless types of abuse not even a white person can endure, lost their way, their purpose, their heritage and culture to become just a feeble minded servants. I mean, Black people gets it, and it’s quite repetitive at times, over and over with the same story line it’s tiring. Black people wants to move on, wants to prosper, wants to be left alone. This movie and perhaps other movies and miniseries based of what the Black ancestors went through is a punch in the gut, and a insult. I know Hollywood and society is racist against us, they want Blacks back as servants, why this fetish and fascination? Is it because some people think Black people are just feeble minded today than decades before? Don’t be such jackasses!

Why don’t Hollywood start doing positive movies about the successes of Black people what they have achieved over the years instead of depressive movies and TV shows glamorizing their pain, suffering and humiliation? At least Tyler Perry got it right making positive films but then he just back off… a lot.

Wrong Definition of the word Racist

In Chicago, it’s Board of Education announced a plan to restructure public schools with prominently Black neighborhoods, by simply eliminate it’s actual teachers and staff and replaced them with teachers and staff from the Academy for Urban School Learning who are “experts” in handling low-performing schools and placed them at three troubling schools on probation. Meanwhile 50 schools in the regions are shut-down all while the Chicago Teachers Unions cry foul at all this debacle citing that “improving” this broken “School system” by shutting down while firing personnel is “racist.”

I just say… STOP RIGHT HERE, Miss! Do you know what that word “racist” means? Is a person that thinks that certain race, ethnicity, nationality, accent is inferior and deserves a inferior quality of living for this or that person. To suggest that improving schools by closing deteriorated schools while trying to save 3 or more it’s more than a slap in the face for you, Mrs. Karen Lewis, it means that the actual teachers that are members of your union sadly doesn’t care about the kids, and instead care about the paycheck they receive by delivering a crappy service to the community specially the children. And there’s a lot of drop outs, who sadly end up in and out of jail prison systems and others who stayed doesn’t have the right tools to survive in this society by learning just the basics like Math, Science, and History while you, Mrs. Lewis are just bitching and complaining followed by drinking a cold iced tea by stepping on a lot of the future generation that could be the next leaders of this country. Sadly, this woman has lost touch and it’s the lack of knowing the word “racist” that Lewis screwed big time.

Where Our Black Heroines?

Recently I watched “The Vampire Diaries” at Netflix. Two weeks ago I was invited to see “Divergent” on theaters. And read “Reboot” by Amy Tintera on my tablet. What all those young fictions stories have in common? The lack of Black girls in their stories or as the main protagonist.

Recently I posted about not only the lack of Black women in TV shows but the stereotypes that followed from “ghetto with an attitude” to “the other woman”. But this is another issue I would like to address it now. Authors from making TV shows to fiction books these days doesn’t realize there’s a huge majority of young African-American girls and sadly even in these days still there’s no role models to follow. What I say role models are NOT ratchet women causing a ruckus by name calling, throwing shit everywhere and acting like an irrational animals. I mean role models with integrity and moral compass able to choose the right decisions.

Before you say, oh, there’s a “lot” of Black women characters in TV Shows and movies. Consider this? How you ever see a Black young teenager as the main character? Name at least one. Not in a comedy which is always stereotyped, but in action, sci-fi, is always scarce. For example, “Vampire Diaries” which there’s only one black girl and a recurring black guy in the show. “Divergent” doesn’t have even one dark skin girl and “Reboot” lacks diversity. The bad about black girls and self-esteem is because there’s no actually no role models of their own kind that can be identify with. It’s always the negative stereotypes that seem accustomed to or to be just the sidekick who is asking for trouble and needs the white friend to help her out and these girls will imitate in the wrong sense of the word. And not only that but the skin factor affects how Black girls motivate themselves to have high self of themselves. There’s less dark skin women on TV, than light brown skin women and it send these girls wrong signals and confusion about knowing themselves and where they stand. Right now our priority for these girls of color is to enrich themselves and be not only proud of who they are but motivate themselves to feel identified with the characters that define what’s a girl of color truly is and should be. Not what the media and society have been contaminated their minds to believe.