Sisterhood Collapse

Yesterday night I watch a random show on Lifetime called “Girlfriend Intervention” in which four African-American women offer advise and tips to white women who just let themselves go over the years. During the whole hour of the show these sassy girls were acting like they’re happy, confident and vibrant delivering their culture and who they are to white hand me down women. And that’s when it hit me. If black women were instead of fighting over stupid idiotic issues like who’s cheating who, dressing in rags in unknown places and having their self-esteem on the floor, I’ll bet these women will change them for the better if they have a show to help Black Women and at least feel empowered. But the reality of the matter is Black Women are still broken in an urgent need of repair from the inside out. Why there’s no show catering the help these women on the path of reconstruction instead of destruction? Many shows from talk shows to reality tv always catering Black women as a lost cause and society is buys it and assume all Black women are sluts, welfare queens, lazy, fat, with no goals or direction in their broken lives, selfish, self-centered, loners, among other negative stereotype titles. Black women has lost their way, their own identity and gained this false identity of straight European hair covering their original natural hair, all while using white bleaching cream with dangerous results, putting false eye color on their eyes, because they don’t feel accepted or even appreciated by society. And it all started when they’re born.

If any Black Women could be empowered like these women, they will move mountains, they will do anything their minds are set into. They could have the confidence, their positive attitude, all because they have a chain of good friends that can guide them to reach their dreams. Without it, they’re clueless. And that’s what happening today, as a lot of Black Women are lost in translation of who are they’re aspire to be and where they’re going. Mistrustful towards others and themselves.

Right now, we need healing, no judging or unfair sentencing and definitely no media to tell Black Women to be in their wrongful place.

If you’re more than your body, COVER IT UP!

17 year old Rebecca Brunetta (with cig in hand) complaining about school dress code in NY.

This is the thing about feminists. They always cry wolf when issues like rape or sexual abuse along with a little bit of domestic violence comes to play. Exaggerating everything, lie about certain points and you got a sob story. Now it’s the Public School’s turn. In New York, the principal instructed a strict dress code which is dress for success, a lot of these females mostly 100-200 of them declined to dress appropriately and decided to dress what ever they found on their closets to wear. The men didn’t have any problem with it. Now, in another Public School in Utah, the school district decided to put strict dress codes for the homecoming dance and a group of girls were denied entry because of what they were wearing. The aftermath however was in terms of walking out of the school. Seriously? Are you consider leaving the school because you didn’t obey their rules of how to wear at a homecoming party, skipping your education just because you were dressing like a whore? Come on! This is just as ridiculous as the feminist movement decided to “make a life” for themselves and failed miserably over the course of decades, destroying marriages, having out of wedlock kids and behaving like red light prostitutes. Seriously? You have to be kidding me! And that’s not all, their opinions about men can’t control themselves when it comes to having interactions with the opposite sex is completely out of hand followed by a great piece of boloney. I’m sorry, if you dress like a whore, you get treated like a whore. If you dress like a woman, you get treated like a woman. Sounds easy? Sure! But it’s not men fault that they’re so “prone” to commit violence towards women, the women starts and the men finish. Men on the other hand have to be guided by them. Remember Adam and Eve? Adam was convinced of Eve of taking the damn apple and look what we have become over the course of centuries. A incompatible/compatible reproductive couple with different roles.

That’s not all, one of the comments justifies their behavior of dressing like Kim Kardashian and Co., acting like Nicki Minaj and feel sorry for themselves afterwards like Olivia Pope when one of the students said: I’m tired of going to a sexist school everyday, and having to listen to men tell me to dress modestly as to not distract them. I am more than my body.” Well, here’s a strict advise for you or any other girl out there. You want to stop being scrutinized and stop complaining about men looking at you? Cover it up! I’m not telling you to wear burka and a long sweaty skirt, I’m telling you to wear something that’s comfortable and to avoid leaving up the imagination of men. When you dress like a lady, men are going to treat you like a lady. You can’t go to a job interview in yoga pants and a tank top, no matter how good looking you are. You go to the job interview with a skirt below the knee and blouse or office pants and a blouse. The same thing with school. You can’t go in pajama pants, tank top or more revealing clothing or hairstyles that can distract the students and the teachers. School isn’t a fashion show! School is for learning for the next step which is going to college. Feminists have to deal with the fact that if you dress like a whore, society will treat them like a whore.

Shove Me, Shove You

Women have been fighting for birth control rights for ever and this is one of these stories that address it. A minimum wage CNA aide Jennifer Ann Whallen who is also a single mother found out her daughter is pregnant. Since in the rural area of Pennsylvania doesn’t have the proper abortion clinics nearby (the closest is 74 miles which is a 90 minute round trip) she decided to get the controversial pill RU486 over the internet for her daughter. In a few days her daughter was in the hospital for severe bleeding, and later on Jennifer got arrested. If convicted, she will be faced with almost a year in prison and some hours of community service. Meanwhile, when single mothers can’t complete their high school diploma because they decided to keep the baby instead of giving it away to “responsible” infertile parents who can take care of, they become dependent on social programs and stuck in poverty for the rest of their lives. A few can break the circle, but that’s a small percent, the rest are just making mistakes after another while their kids are lacking the proper attention and care they need in their first years of life. This act by this single mother is understandable even in the fact that even with sex education in public schools, you can’t teach stupid, and this woman did best to not letting her daughter have the same mistake of having a kid at 16. Even if she have to be in jail. Even if she have to be judged severely by “righteous” hypocrite so-called Christians, Republicans, Moralists and even the Government. This woman didn’t want her daughter face the same or worst experience of being a single mother like she did. Many single mothers doesn’t have the proper tools to bring their children a proper moral background, instead they just focus on surviving on what they can, with two or three jobs while leaving their children to the care of families and relatives until they find a better quality of life, which they never reach and are stuck until their children reach puberty. These single mothers have to sacrifice the time of spending with their children to working for long hours for miserable pay, they have to also sacrifice a lot of themselves. But many others sadly goes for the indifference, regret and anger and their children are paying the price. And yes when they hit puberty, they’re more prone to repeat the mistakes the mother did, which is getting pregnant or making a girl pregnant. This is not about ending a life that wasn’t born yet, this is about avoiding heartaches in the long run for her daughter. How many will choose the same choice when incidents like these happen in their families?



Yesterday I caught on my phone a video on my youtube feed from Paul Elam. For a lot of people who doesn’t know this guy, he’s basically a man who despise the feminist movement uncovering what’s this organization is doing to society. There’s a video he posted that interested me which is named “Mother Beats Infant and Leaves Him Beside Trash Outside for Father to Find” (Viewer Discretion Advised). In this video, it shows a Black man with his camera taking shots of what it seems to be the front of his house and then out of nowhere he saw his son with black eyes and a little bit of blood on his nose. It was hard to watch as I continued looking for what’s next. What embarrassed me the most is the girlfriend who is 22 years old, acting like a heartless cunt beating his own son from her own flesh and blood like a discarded piece of junk to then place his tiny defenseless body outside in the cold (it’s fall already) for the dad to pick up. At least the good part of it besides the bruising and some cuts is that the baby has a baby carrier.

Dalishia Salter, allegedly hit her 11 month son in an act of rage to then later place him outside in the porch for David Bryant to see. What happens, is history. The father got shocked, cried and demand her wife or girlfriend why she hit his own son in a attack of rage.

In my own words, don’t know how to express the sadness of what some Black women have become over the course of decades to be acting like the worst species on earth who are completely narcissistic, selfish, immature, thieves with super low moral compass in their lives, foul mouthed, with bad attitude problems, quick to temper tantrums, egocentric monsters and attention grabbers. Who obviously care about themselves but not towards others. Who lacks empathy, love and common sense.

And that’s not all since now David Bryant is being unfairly charged with child endangerment after Dalishia Salter “lied” to police that he thrown a flat tv at the baby. I’m sorry but that baby would be dead if a flat tv came on top of him. And the trick for her is if she’s screwed up, she have to take everyone closer with her. That means the baby, and boyfriend/husband are paying the price. Dalishia is free on 25k bond meanwhile David is still a fugitive.

But here’s the deal. Black community isn’t united unless someone is killed unfairly or something but not helping their own girls. Black women in the other hand are the most underestimated, abused, beaten, set aside, unloved, unappreciated and even killed ever since they’re born. Society has treat them and they’re reaping what society has sow on putting in them mistrust, self-hate, low-self esteem, confidence issues. Most of them doesn’t know their true potential and instead they believe words like “You’re ugly” “You’re fat” “You’re a nigger” “You are nobody” among other hurtful words. These girls were under a stressful life of physical, mental and sexual abuse from their childhood to adults to later blossom into these creatures that sadly are repeating the circles of abuse as adults. Why the Black “community” doesn’t put their foot in the ground and start rebuilding these girls? Society specially white supremacy is destroying these girls in the worst way possible to extinct their lives. Dalishia or any black women aren’t the only cases that we have to incite more hate and violence towards them. Instead of hating them, we should help them getting into the right path to self independence. Sounds easy, right? Nope! It’s very hard and impossible to fix this issue. They rather prefer the easy way. Crushing their spirit, their dreams and their purpose and they end up with an empty shell of themselves, emotionally detached, hopeless, unable to trust them and worst of all, hated.



Fashion Statement: The Perfect/Imperfect Utopia Films

The Giver. In Theaters Now.


Yesterday, I watched The Giver and it was one of these movies that started with the “happiness” of being in a community “freely” consisting on putting them on different jobs for different people and when they get old they’re going to elsewhere. By age 9, they’re assigned a bicycle, by their late teens they’re assigned to have a job that helps their society grow and by their senior years they’re “retired.” No pain, no war, no sadness, no conflicts, no superiority complex, no MGTOW (Men Goes Their Own Way), and certainly no feminism. It was viewed by the residents, a perfect world. Their laws were pretty simple. There’s a curfew, they never lie, and have to take their medicine everyday. But, it was nothing but perfect when the old elders chose a kid named Jonas to be his successor. In his training he discovers a lot of feelings he never think he could experience such as love, adventure and true happiness. It also shows the bad side, the sickness, the war, sadness, conflicts and all negativity. The reality of the matter is that The Giver portrayed as Jeff Bridges showed the reality of his community showing a hologram where Jonas father was soothing a baby to later kill it and place it in a box discarding it away. Now Jonas have to get his courage up to save a community even if he risk his life getting out of the safe zone.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Now, as every freaking utopia movies in the past, it always represents what their vision of utopia could be. A society that obviously can’t feel anything because they are sedated in a semi-zombie state and set up to roles that can’t complain and can’t revolt. With controlling rules, they’re obviously content. They have this illusion that they’re safe, protected, conformed. And as every utopia there’s a man or girl who suddenly questions everything about this or that issue and rapidly discover the other side of the community, the real darker side of it and it’s not a pretty good one. In brutal honesty, communities are discarding the defective newborns and killing the old. In other utopias like the movie Elysium, Judge Dredd (with Sylvester Stallone), Demolition Man, Upside Down or Snowpiercer is about class warfare where the rich are in one side, and the poor on the other side. Books like The Hunger Games (now in it’s third first part installment in theaters), 1984 among others, shows a very competitive spirit against censorship, oppression and control while being punished for revolting against a system that obviously doesn’t give a rat ass.

The Giver: Map of their community.

Mason in Snowpiercer

But why so many films in the last year are about an controlling environment where people are sedated not realizing what’s actually going on? All while someone or some group attempts to restore the balance of what it suppose to be no matter the consequences. Doesn’t sound like what we are experiencing right now? Doesn’t sound like the poor are below while the richer gets more? In the real world, society kills babies even before they’re born if they find any defect that can jeopardize their parents and society well being. They are overly medicated with drugs (legal or illegal), entertainment, sports, electric gadgets among other sources because it helps them distract and often forget themselves from doing a lot about the injustice that has been going on in their lives and all around them for years. And don’t forget about the elderly that gets killed under strenuous humiliation and abuse in privatized facilities known as Nursing Homes. It seems like the movie The Giver, they’re just looking black and white instead of looking the real colors. In other words, they’re content even if they lose their jobs, habitat, or their own lives in the process. In the meantime, the rich are exempt from sending their own kids to war, exempt from paying taxes fairly, exempt from being honest. The poor on the other hand have to sacrifice everything and the rich elite wants that way. Voting isn’t enough to bring justice and fairness this country needs since there’s always some corporation group or associations cheating, and bribing on candidates in exchange for covering up their infractions. Revolution is the answer. But since the rich elite controls the government, pharmaceuticals, military and even entertainment, people specially Americans are not realizing the destruction is around the corner and are unprepared to defend themselves. One hit… that’s all it takes to convert this country into an unwanted utopia 100%.  We are reaching 70%.

The Future of Employment

Imagine yourself getting a new job that will help you be independent and break the circle of dependency from the government. After 12 or so years, working for this guy, being responsible, hard working individual you found out you have cancer. And so you tell your employer and what does he do? Instead of helping you, giving you a hand, supporting you in every way, he just give you a lay off letter.

That’s what happened in Pittsburgh when a Oral dentist named George Visnich wrote this letter to his long time employee Carol Jumper who worked for this sack of shit for 12 years. In August she was lay off because “the battle against cancer will demand her physically, mentally and emotionally”. And that’s not all, he emphasized that “her symptoms along with the side effects of medications and chemo will be significant and distracting.” And that’s why in his own opinion she will “not” be able to function in his office at the level required while battling for her life and George let Carol go.

So, let me explain the laws of unemployment in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a “forced” unionism state which means if Carol should be lay off for that silly little unprofessional note that the doctor wrote, he will be forced to pay fines for his screw up. That if, Carol is part of the union. But since she’s not, there’s other options. As in every state Carol could receive unemployment benefits if she lost the job because of something that wasn’t her fault. But here’s the catch, the payment is half of what she received when she was employed. And half doesn’t necessarily cover the expenses she have to pay, so she’s in a lot of a pickle. So what’s the other options? Applying for Food Stamps which since she’s laid off and she might be eligible for unemployment benefits could be another step she could be doing. Sometimes they receive cash assistance, but that’s in cases when she’s deems disabled which is another step she have to do. Applying for SSI benefits which is a hassle, but a Cancer patient such as Carol “can’t function in any office at the level required”,  she might be entitled to receive these benefits. If it’s medical related, Medicaid will take care of that since she’s going off the path to low income, she will receive these benefits for treating her cancer.

In other terms, she will be “better” off depending on the government for help since this bastard can’t “afford” his long standing asset. Now she’s a liability and have to be eliminated because of the loss of the cost associated with health benefits, taxes and all sort of “inconvenience.” Well, for that inconvenience, the social media is up in arms against this “poor” man who did what he didn’t supposed to do and he’s really paying it. By the lack of clientele and the huge amount of bills to pay afterward I think he had enough. But still, he’s NOT going to put Carol back into the workforce and for that his business is going downhill. He got what he deserve and much, much more.


Mistaken Identity Fuckoffs

In LA, some police bastards handcuffed a Black Woman but it’s not because she committed a crime, but because they “assumed” that she was a prostitute. Danielle Watts, who participated in the movie Django Unchained and she’s now in a TV series Partners with Martin Lawrence was handcuffed by the LA police because they think she was a prostitute was showing public displays of affection with her husband. Ok, that’s when it goes out of the line! So that’s means that a Black Woman cannot kiss or hug or whatever with her husband, a white husband without being conflicted with the police? And what’s worst, LA Police confused her husband as a John. I mean, like I told in prior post, we’re judged unfairly based on the color of their skin. Hey! At least, they let her go easy because there was NO PROOF she’s doing it for cash. She’s an ACTRESS! She have plenty of cash to spend. NOT A WHORE!

But in another case it didn’t end well when in 2006, Dymond Milburn was severally beaten by police because they assumed she was a prostitute. In fact, she was an honor student who went outside to turn in the breaker located downstairs and she have to go outside for it. And three policemen including a Sergeant, were abusing this girl physically to the point that Dymond has multiple blows to the head, nose, throat, lower back, left shoulder, and left hip/waist area. For that experience she suffers PTSD, and that’s not all. These police jackasses who committed a unfair treatment against a kid (now she’s 21) they’re still free, while she have to deal with her trauma for the rest of her life.

This so-called Post-Racial, Post Civil Rights isn’t getting the respect or should I say, it’s just a charade to cover up the centuries old tradition to try to exterminate Blacks or in the most “polite” way destroy their will, their spirit and move on with their lives. It seems to me that they still think that Blacks are just a societal burden to be eliminated after the government set them free.