Close But No Cigar

Two days ago, the whole bad kid/good cop incident between Mike Brown and Darren Wilson hit another snag when alternative media showed confirmation that Mike indeed paid for his cigars the moment he went into the store with his best buddy. On my prior post, in the video there were something that started as a confrontation between Mike and the clerk of the store. It seems to me that a big misunderstanding goes a long way, but not ending up in his own death by a dumb cop who couldn’t differentiate between one black guy or another black guy and couldn’t handled the correct procedure to arrest him if that were the case.

The mainstream media always make a mistake to react to conclusions instead of asking questions and finding out what’s truly going on later and it’s embarrassing that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or any other mainstream news outlets are making the same mistake over and over to “impact” the public. Remember the KFC scarred girl Victoria Wilcher? Remember the mother who worked at MCDonalds who left her child alone in the park while she was working? Remember another mom who is homeless, wrote an ad on asking for someone who could take care of her kids? It just for shocking the people into judging the person as the evil being, instead of finding out what it took that person to choose this decision or in the Victoria Wilcher, if it was true, the blame the KFC employees and company for “treating” customers like crap.

It’s all called assumption. And you know what people could say this, it’s the mother of all screw up’s. I think the media should take sensitivity classes, along with hiring investigators to figure it out if it’s true or not and then deliver the news when all is in the green. If they investigated full into that account, Mike Brown shouldn’t be labeled a “criminal from the ghetto who just stole cigars and got what he deserve.” It will be an innocent young kid killed by Police based on his race.

Attacked in All Fronts

United States is definitely in deep challenge of maintaining the order when there’s a lot of holes in the wall while the water it reserves flows away. Not trying to be poetic or anything like that but, seriously what’s United States is trying to prove here by skipping domestic problems when they are trying to solve foreign ones? A few examples of these issues is the importation of illegal orphans placed in undisclosed buildings followed by the complicated and violent protests in Ferguson and now the beheading on a freelancer journalist caught on video courtesy of ISIS. Comparing to the real problems such as fixing Obamacare, job shortage, poverty increasing communities is like the government has given up on helping a long time ago resorting to lullaby words of “Don’t Panic, Everything is Going to Be Alright,” while waiting on next year to post themselves for Presidential Candidacy. Is that all politician’s dream? To sit in the oval office, being pampered like royalty, going on vacations while ignoring the serious problems that bothers and annoys the nation? It seems to me that Americans are starting to wake up from their slumber, but in the wrong location, and wrong circumstances. We are starting to fight each other over the issue of race like the 1950’s, not being together instead of demanding just a simple request of impeaching the president who sadly isn’t what his people were looking for. And the government is pleased! In other terms we the People has lost and they, the rich elite has won.

Meanwhile, this disorganization of services, the way it handles the money in the wrong hands are also the reasons why the US is in such in a economical laughingstock to the rest of the world from Education to how they treat their veterans, while China (former laughingstock) is growing aggressively and buying anything that stands in their way. The US cares only about it’s millionaire population, never the ones who always sacrifice body, mind and spirit to at least put food on the table, keep the roof in their heads and sustain and provide to their families.

In other words, we have to do truly something to stop this government corruption, otherwise the ones who suffer will be us. Oh wait! We’re suffering already!

Short Notices

The Road to Ferguson

Some of the bloggers out there on WordPress decided to travel to the war zone or ground zero (Ferguson), to offer support and a solid cause for supporting their kind. I wish I can go, honestly capture every moment, trust me I do. But I have obligations and duties to do like any one who is living paycheck to paycheck. So, I wish them well, just be safe, do it for the sake of helping a community, not for the sake of getting attention and ratings.

Taylor Swift “Offensive Video”

The pop-country star delivered her new video “Shake it off” on youtube yesterday and the comments couldn’t wait. As I see and deal with her screeching childish voice blended with autotune software there’s images from Ballet classes to “Lady Gaga” look alike and the most controversial image of a group of females including two dark skin women twerking and moving their ass like jello. It’s not offensive, it’s how white people visualized black women and it has been for a long time. Black women have been oversexualized beyond repair to be sexual objects, not candidates to be able to be married and build a family. And sadly, while white community make fun of Black Women, Black Men bullies and denigrates his half in treating them like disposable toys to be throwed away. Black women deserve to be more than botton bitches, ho’s, and all the negative stereotypes. Of course, Taylor Swift should re-make the video! But it’s about supply and demand, capitalism and making a profit for her chipmunk album. In the meantime Black women have a serious problem in their hands, not butts.

Ice Bucket Stupidity

This is just a fashion fad, and it started as a fundraiser from ALS to Cancer which consist on a big bucket full of cold chilled ice covered water and dump it on themselves. Even Lady Gaga did the challenge in a creepy way. But still, they could dump as much cold water as they want, even cut their hair, paint their hair purple, being thrown down to a pool full of chocolate pudding and still, thousands die, many are finding their diagnosis and a lot of people are finding a rock and a hard place to get money for their treatments. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is getting their pockets richer while the pockets of a lot of Americans comes up empty. Challenges are good and fun, but that’s about it. They should focus another type of energy such as protests to the white house demanding changes in health care practices and policies.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Mike Brown Update: There’s no Excuse!

Yesterday, after a long a frustrated wait on trying to look for the video footage of the moments that police claimed that Mike Brown was stealing cigs out of a convenience store, finally it got online on youtube and the comments below were horrendously awful saying most in part “He got what he deserved,” to more offensive racist remarks. Ok, in my own opinion he DOESN’T DESERVE BEING KILLED! Like any other person who commit such a petty crime by stealing cigs or any small stuff, the charges for doing so, is to be arrested, have a small stint in jail and being held on to a judge to carry a sentence. Not shooting him in the head and while Mike was on the floor, Darren Wilson continued to shoot him like he was a kind of a pest. In the northwest, I see and heard first hand, individuals from small kids to grown adults stealing from deli food to even two cases of beer and it’s a small town! Police handled the case, apprehend the person responsible and gives him/her the sentence. Camera’s don’t lie unless, they used some cgi software to make it look like a scene from the Running Man. But either way as I explained earlier in my post, why the cop didn’t use tazer or brute force to capture Mike and his friend? Because arresting a person, unarmed and violent takes a certain skill and huge amounts of adrenaline to even subdue the individual, something that US cops lacks and they resort to use weapons instead. Another thing, he supposed to have a partner in cases like these.

In the video there’s Mike and his buddy, who survived the ordeal, getting inside the store like nothing happened. They weren’t nervous or edgy as they look for the cigs. Meanwhile, while Mike was on front of the counter asked the clerk for the cigs. And I think it escalated from there. It could be a few options:

  • The Clerk ask for his ID
  • Insulting Mike calling any racist remarks

Mike opted for taking the cigs without paying for them which was a big mistake on his part. The clerk immediately tried to stop them, but he was shoved by Mike and then looked at the clerk defiantly before exiting the store.

In this video Mike wasn’t:

  • Carrying any type of gun not even a kitchen knife
  • Wasn’t in the “quest” of stealing the cigs, putting it on the pocket like some other people do

It was something that went off to the path of his own demise and the whole community is still affected by it. The police Department however should learn from it by seeing this video:


Noted that these cops from the UK, didn’t resort to using firearms to subdue the criminal. Even one policeman got a severe concussion, they grab this fella until more cops arrived at the scene. See the organization? Immediately an officer was taking notes of the incident to avoid further legal actions, a group of cops carried the criminal to jail and the injured man to the Hospital. There were cameras in the area they’re in, something that St. Louis missed and even there’s a lot of witnesses, and some phone cam use, the most important clue the dash cam is still unopened to the public but still there’s assumptions over the words from the witnesses and how the police handled the case.

In other words, they fucked it up, BIG TIME!


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Long and Behold: A False Lullaby to Calm the Masses

In the recent events of Mike Brown tragedy, CNN and other government controlled news media shows these news just to simply:

Letting citizens know what happened, even thought in the most majority of the case is a lie.

To control the masses and get over with their lives, while continuing to oppress the minority and get away with it.

Now, it says that Michael Brown, the young guy that was going to a tech college was “caught” stealing cigarettes at a convenience store along with his buddy. The police on the other hand received a distress call of the incident. And then… the rest is history, a killed man for no reason, a “injured” police officer and a shameful community in arms to see the truth of what happened in Ferguson.

There’s still many questions about the whole incident, to why this police officer Darren Wilson decided to end Mike’s life instead of using non-lethal weapons like Tazers and proceed to his “arrest” if that was the reason. Second, why they have to wait a lot of days to do a press release after the whole aftermath, seeing all the protests, rallies and riots are not only trying, but visualize Blacks look awfully bad to the whole world?

What about Ferguson citizens? Are they’re satisfied with the outcome? No and Nope.

Still, there’s “incriminating” photos of what it appears to be Big Mike in a convenience store “stealing” cigs. But only him, what about his buddy that was with him at the moment of his killing? Another thing, where’s the video of the scene? Pictures can be Photoshopped for their own benefit. And not only the convenience store photo, but the police dash cam video as well and press charges against the cop who killed him. It only adds a massive amounts of fuel to the burning fire.

Another thing, what about NAACP, Poverty Law Center, National Urban League and any other organizations including Nation of Islam and the controversial The New Black Panthers that caters African-American people but when it comes issues like that they remain silent. The Black Community is surely by themselves when real problems arise and there’s no effective guidance to make their words heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2014, or 1950’s, still the chains of racism, inferiority and discrimination still exists today and it’s impossible to break the chains.

The Black Community doesn’t want pity, they want respect and opportunity to be productive citizens.

Other issues:

Twitter suspends Anonymous account after delivering the police name who committed the crime

Video of CNN showing the Photoshopped Mike Brown stealing at a convenience store

More witness account of this tragic day

Another witness account saying the same story

St. Louis Police Report to the Media


When Religion Turns Into Dictatorship

Actually, I used to be Christian for a few decades on and off until one point in my life I decided to hell with it. When individuals find god, they become their fans and no matter what, they will go hand to hand with his word no matter how disturbed and wrong it seems. They will stuck on god like crazy glue and no matter how crappy and unfair their lives are, they cannot question him while suffering any stranger that come close to them with different views.

This is two examples of how unselfish, uncaring and worst mean and repulsive acts caused by religion creates such a negative reputation.

In Florida a man is adding more grieving to his suffering when a so-called pastor named T.W. Jenkins of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church cancelled his partner’s memorial because of an obituary that says he was married to a man. Just because of that? Oh wait a minute, so in the bible they don’t accept homosexuality but yes in the old testament they allow incest for the mere reason of procreation. What about the “love” between David and Jonathan which he quoted he loved Jonathan more than any woman (2 Samuel 1:25-26) and now they’re just covering all up like nothing happened? Not only that, the church has now a bad rep after all that and they deserve it for being such assholes. But I ain’t defending the gay couple either since they should find a church that caters their own kind without being judged in the first place. Now it’s all over the place!

Second, a topless protest in Ohio in front of a non-denominational church called “New Beginnings” because the pastor Bill Dunfee and his congregation were harassing Thomas George and his business “Foxhole North Club” by taking license plates of the patrons who frequently visits the strip and insults the dancers. This church is trying to close this business by all means necessary even if it’s anti-christian tactics. The Foxhole North Club is a business like any other, if this people at the church would stop judging and start having sex with their husbands, these husbands wouldn’t be hanging out at that club, right?

Right now as I say another quote from the Bible in Luke 6:41-42 says something that every freaking so-called church must abide:

“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.”

In Memoriam: Robin Williams

After a girls day out yesterday afternoon, I came home and as always check on the news. All of the sudden I just shouted when I saw in big letters on the front page this unfortunate news:

“Robin Williams dead at 63″

How can it be? I mean he was a very active comedian/actor, he couldn’t die, not now, not in a couple of decades! He still has a lot to give to the public, to the crowds all around the world what new material he has to make them laughing or impress. As I read this sensationalist news on yahoo it specified it was suicide. Seriously? Suicide? What happens with privacy and wait for a few days or at least a few weeks to notify the public what’s the real cause of his death? So-called reporters didn’t respect this man and instead publish his battles and problems rather than his accomplishments and successes that were greater, don’t forget about his charitable actions toward charities and even strangers. And I never met the man. I watched his movies, his TV-shows, and still I’m amazed at his comedic style, and his award winning drama skills. And definitely he or his living family don’t deserve to be treated like a failed movie star or a crappy reality douchebag, specially when that person fades away for ever.

He was a human being delivering laughs at a faster rate. He was indeed a family man, a charitable man and as any other person he had battles he could overcome. But as most comedians, he succumb at his weak point of his life. Please, in the middle of all the chaos going on around us, it would be best if we all remember him, enjoy his movies, his stand-up comedy, and let him and his family know we care and we thank him for his glorious, fabulous efforts.

Rest In Peace, Robin